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We are available to provide relevant and objective advice, or Second Opinions, to our regular clients in the most important areas of their Financial Life.  As a result of our tailored advice, clients make better, more informed decisions.

FINANCIAL PLANNING (Retirement, Income, Estate, Taxation)

We all think about the future. Many people are concerned about dealing with future uncertainty. They ask themselves: When can I/we retire? Will my spouse and I have enough income to enjoy the lifestyle we want? Do we have enough assets, so we’ll never be a burden to our kids? Do we have a Will or Living Trust and is it up to date? Are we paying more taxes than we need to?

When we answer those questions, we have goals

When we establish a timetable for achieving those goals, we have a plan

At TWM, we help you do that and keep on track!

REAL ESTATE ADVICE (Residential, Vineyards, Investment, Assisted Living)

Real Estate decisions become more complicated as we get older. Many people start thinking about making major changes when they become empty-nesters or wait with their down-sizing decision hoping it will become easier. Where do we want to move to? Do we want to leave our familiar environment and friends and move closer to our children or grandchildren? What do we do if one spouse needs to be in a Memory Care home?
Each situation involves major financial decisions and emotional commitments. We can advise clients and make a very difficult and complex process less worrisome.
“Real Estate has been, and is, the Most Important Asset that Americans own.”

INSURANCE ADVICE (Life, Long Term Care, Asset Protection)

The largest financial risk aging Americans face is the exposure to Long-Term Care Expenses. A lifetime of careful asset accumulation and financial planning is easily jeopardized if one or both spouses need long term care.

We can provide cost effective solutions to protect our clients and their estate, against these risks if the clients are healthy enough to qualify.

“Long-Term Care Expenses are the Greatest Risk our Aging Population faces!”