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As we have been living and working in Sonoma County for over twenty-five years, we are grounded in our community, and its down-to-earth, viticulture and agricultural, heritage.  We are well known as active supporters and participants of local charities, service and educational organizations. We believe it’s very important to know the professionals that you deal with, especially in the private and personal areas of your family’s financial life.


Our clients entrust us to guide them in the achievement of their most important life goals. In this process, we become stewards of their resources and wealth, a responsibility that we take very seriously. By being objective, trusted advisors, we enable our clients to deal successfully with all aspects of their financial life and make better, more informed decisions. We work hard at keeping that trust with open communications and transparency in our client relationships.


In addition to our prior corporate careers, we have advised clients and managed their personal financial affairs for over thirty years, twenty-five of which have been spent in Sonoma County. Our in-depth experience extends to a complete scope of services which we offer.  In the process, we are always happy to work with our clients’ other professionals like CPA’s, attorneys, insurance specialists, etc. to achieve the best outcome.

“To Live a Rich Life, Invest in Memories.”