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We design and manage, on a Fee Only Basis, our clients’ portfolios to be consistent with their most important objectives. To implement the Approved Strategies, we utilize the resources of SEI Private Trust Co., www.seic.com/whoissei  a global provider of asset management solutions. We believe that by working together with SEI, and having access to some of the Country’s most highly regarded money managers, could help enhance returns, reduce volatility and manage investment risk.

There are three areas in managing investment portfolios that are critical to achieving a successful outcome. They are:


It’s widely regarded as the most important factor of how well a portfolio performs during market cycles.


How much you keep is more important than how much you make. Taxes matter!


How Emotional Factors affect Financial Decisions and Outcomes.

Asset Allocation is the academic term for balancing portfolios during various market conditions.  It’s a well-known fact that different asset classes have different risk and return characteristics over time. It’s our job to make those known variables work for clients in the achievement of their goals.

We pay attention to utilizing available Tax Management Strategies to make portfolios as tax efficient as possible. Maximizing the after-tax return can be an effective way to accelerate the achievement of investment goals!
Understanding how emotions affect investors’ behavior can be quite valuable in dealing with short-term market volatility. With our many years of experience, we help clients remain disciplined and focused on the achievement of their long-term investment goals.

SEI and its subsidiaries are separate from, and unrelated to, Thurow Wealth Management Inc. and NPB Financial Group LLC.